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"Life creates film, creates life"

In 2015 Raking Leaves Productions(RLP) produced a short film entitled 'The Sac Fly'. The showing first premiered at a screening in Los Angeles. Since it's viewing at various festivals, RLP is seeking to produce its first indie feature film from the short film version. It has been RLP's pursuit to develop the full feature for this film, written and directed by  JA Williams.

"This film places its finger on the pulse of such conversations about Racism and exposes both sides of the discussion. It takes the journey that few will travel and brings us back to the place we often neglect within ourselves. I assure this film will impact viewers and begin a dialog which will impact our future, that being our children. I am hoping for the opportunity to tell this story inspired by actual events, because some things aren't always black and white."

-JA Williams, Raking Leaves Productions.

The Monarch's Whisper

Tao Of Simon


The Sac Fly

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The Abyssinian Prince




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In Development 


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